I started my journey into spirituality when I was very young  and thats because of my dad as he used to make us sit with him and we used spent half an hour meditating and reciting mantras even it was boring at that age and it was a more connection to religious belief just followed it as a part of daily routine without much understanding.


It was on 2013 i could know the meaningful way of spirituality in a bigger picture when i started working with crystals with my own research with the information from books and my own experiences which opened another doors.. The door of different knowledge of different methods and different cultures from the ancient civilizations to the modern spiritual practices..


Its was not easy for me to believe whats right and whats wrong as i know there something possible thats where the belief come in and at this time i was getting knowledge about the healing and there are different practices of healing happening and i wondered to experience it and see how it will be and i started first with researching on reiki after weeks of my reading and gaining knowledge about chakras and energy transmissions everything was new to me to know more in details and i wondered how it works and finally i came to a conclusion that i should go for a healing experience and thats how i met my reiki practitioner PAT.. The session was awesome and i could feel the brilliant light and colours and it was a different experience even though i was getting pains here and there after the session i was feeling light and much more brighter whatever i saw.. i enjoyed the experience and then i knew whatever i have been reading has something in reality.. and i wanted to learn it very badly..

I wrote a email to PAT asking that weather she is teaching and she replied yes and that week there was a class and thats how i started to a new world of energy healing and to get a beautiful soul to teach is something I call it as a divine blessing and from that day to this day she has been one of my teacher who has been assisting me in my journey.

Spiritual Journey is no fun when you dont have a Group let it be learners or professionals it dosent matter. I thank all the individuals of the reiki learning group in Doha where we learnt a lot from each other working with each other supporting each other even though we had toughest times to move ahead all of us where together assisting each other and still even though we have been physically in different countries we still look for each other and make time to get each other sharing the knowledge whatever we get to know. and all the individuals of the group have given me lots and lots of knowledge their guidance and without them it would have been really difficult to move on in my journey.

Every journey dosent stop it only bring new destinations and new ways of thinking and learning.. it was the same for me as i wanted to move on more depth and with the divine guidance i was been guided to meet another master who did change my whole perspective in a whole new way. many of his teachings and his attunements  opened a different world for me which i could combine crystals and helping to awaken my intuitive abilities and aligning to my higher self.

This was the time i was getting to know about the Crystal skulls. My special thanks to my Another master Jay Burrell for sharing the knowledge and energies of Crystal skull as well as different energetic connection to different other New energies channeled by him. Crystal skulls have been a passion to me after that some call it as a addiction but for me it was something more than that i could feel them and i started collecting skulls of different crystals my colleague Boral also had helped me in communicating with them and helping me to gain more information about these beautiful loving beings 

I started creating Skull grids in different ways and they helped me to connect many beings in different star systems helping to think and gain knowledge about the universe and its vastness and moreover how to LOVE yourself and to transfer the love to your surroundings.

All this wont be possible alone specially you need someone who supports you in your family non other than my wife who has been always there supporting in my path and helping me to understand more about energy system through her unique way of interacting with the grids and portals that i create. and also working with my skulls and crystal skull grids.

Lately i have been a part of galactic council which has helped me a lot to understand about the universe and its consciousness through travelling different star systems and planets and meeting different beings. its a blessed way to understand how different dimensions work. to understand our ancient knowledge. meeting different gods and goddesses channeling ancient knowledge and helping with this awakening.

My journey have never ended and and sure it never ends.. Right now i am helping fellow beings who have awakened or are awakening who are confused between the world of reality and awakened reality. helping them to balance with their physical exsistance. Because most of them feel its weird to feel the awakening in our modern society that dosent understand the beauty it.                                                                                      

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